The Website Shop

harold's cross, dublin 6w

The Website Shop.

A physical location where you can meet a designer and commission a website based on your needs is the clever business model of the Website Shop. The business is located in a basic street level unit with further space at basement level. The needs of the business had changed since the original fit-out and the entire approach needed to be reconsidered. 

The existing layout was becoming less suitable with only one proper consultation area without using work desks as a second. The entire basement level was largely unused - except as storage and a tea station.

Architexture examined how the business currently operated, what worked, what didn't and how it needed to adapt and grow. Based on that exercise a new layout was devised for both levels which could be realised in 2 phases - as finances and time allowed. All proposed furniture was designed by Architexture in birch ply. 

I particularly like birch ply due to its elegant finish, warm glow and matt, rich sheen.

Birch ply furniture and fittings include display walls, consultation benches, coffee station, work stations, a meeting area, shelving/storage and a kitchenette. This one versatile material to unify all interventions in the space and to act as a foil against blocks of colour based on the business' existing graphic identity. All furniture and fittings were designed with simple expressed joints and visible end grain to simplify fabrication and minimise costs.

At street level the walls flanking the glazed shopfront were utilised to advertise the business and put its marketing collateral front and centre. A reception desk with vertical timber slats to the front appears to change colour as you move past it - offering different apparent colour-ways when viewed externally and from within the shop itself. A simple long bench forms the backbone of the consultation areas with moveable bench style tables allowing a degree of flexibility depending on the number of people at each. The bench ends in a cantilevered section dramatically reaching out to the street.

All workstations were moved to a revamped basement level with added storage and a kitchenette. The main feature of the lower level is a new meeting area for clients who require a more in-depth follow up consultation / presentation. Again designed in birch ply, this takes the form of sofa-style built-in benches for a casual feel.

The needs of a successful business located in a relatively small space with quite complex requirements are best achieved with bespoke furniture - off the shelf products would not allow the same flexibility.

In almost every project I design some degree of built-in furniture and storage - this is something I enjoy immensely and would love to undertake for your project. 

Typology Commercial; Fit-Out.
area 50m2
status Design, Spring 2016