Cedarwood Avenue

finglas, dublin 11

Raising the roof on a 1950's bungalow. 

An attractive semi-detached bungalow was reconfigured to maximise the available floor area within the existing volume – a House Expansion.

The living spaces were reconfigured to improve their flow and to better suit the needs of modern family life. An emphasis was  placed on drawing sunlight into the living spaces from the south / front of house – through open-plan spaces. Internal daylighting was further enhanced by maximising glazing to the rear – also helping to visually connect the garden with the living spaces.

New rooflights front and rear are materially treated as elements of 'roof' rather than as ground floor construction and finishes. The two dormer rooflights allowed for the creation of 2 new bedrooms and a small bathroom – all within the under-used attic space.

As well as  dramatically improving the design & layout, opportunity was taken to upgrade the existing fabric. Energy-efficient upgrades include:

- an external wall insulation system (EWIS)

- insulation & airtight membrane to the timber ground floor

- insulation to all roof, dormer & residual attic spaces

- relocation of the existing solar panel to accommodate the new dormer.

The project priority was to advise the clients re an improvement strategy that could be realised within the available budget – this involved making allowance for phased development.

Typology Loft conversion, improvements, energy upgrade.
area Retained 51m2, Attic 41m2.
Status Completed, Autumn 2013